Luxury Market Expert Sales Professionals meet or exceed performance standards in the top-tier residential market. We are Realtors® with proven sales experience in the upper end market. We have worked to fine tune the special skills and competencies necessary to provide exceptional service in the fine homes and estates marketplace.

Our team members are highly skilled in marketing Luxury Home’s & Resort properties. We have built our reputations on selling high-end properties valued in the top fifteen percent of the local or regional market. In addition our Specialists are experts in the demographics of affluent markets, lifestyle segmentation, trends and amenities in today's luxury home marketplace.

From gracious historic properties to contemporary urban settings, we have established an excellent track record of appealing to qualified buyers in the select luxury homes market.

Our team is backed by Remax Real Estate and the Remax Collection of Preferred Properties. Remax is the world’s largest and also one of the most respected real estate operations around the globe, with offices in over 67 countries. With our global network of offices and sales professionals numbering 135,000 worldwide, we communicate property information quickly to an established client base, including members of the Remax Global Relocation Network, with a customer base of millions.

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The Luxury Real Estate is local, national, or international in nature. Our Luxury Home Marketing System has been developed to expose your property to qualified buyers around the globe. Through our intense proactive marketing program and marketing materials, your home will be positioned to be viewed by and also meet the needs of discriminating buyers. Your home will be showcase in Unique Homes Magazine, Dupont Registry of Fine Homes, The Wall Street Journal, and local upscale print publications.

Our highly optimized series of websites provides us with the most direct route to the right buyer at the right time. In addition, our uniquely designed electronic media program will present your home among an unsurpassed display of luxury homes including multiple high definition photographs, slideshow tours and detailed property information.